That’s us for now Daredevils. Thanks for a fantastic event.
See you next year!

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A 5K run with a difference that makes a difference

Welcome, Daredevils!

It takes balls to run through peak-hour traffic wearing nothing but a Speedo. But, it’s all worth it. Why? Because cancer doesn’t choose age, colour or body shape. It impacts everyone – in fact, 1 in 6 South African men are affected by it in their lifetimes.

Are you brave enough to go the distance?

The Daredevil run has grown from one brave soul daring to jog through peak hour traffic in a Speedo, to a massive countrywide phenomenon with a noble cause.

The only way to beat cancer is to raise awareness through initiatives like the Daredevil Run. Because prevention is easier than cure.

So check your jewels, pull on that purple Daredevil speedo and let’s run cancer outta town.

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Zoo Lake Sports Club
Corner Lower Park Drive / Prince of Wales Road / Westwold Way
Parkwood, Johannesburg
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Cape Town

Greenpoint Salesian Football Club,
Stephen Way,
Green point,
Cape Town
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College Rovers Rugby Club
Gate C
Kings Park Stadium
Jaco Jackson Drive
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15 Government Boulevard,
Riverside Park Ext.1,
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Daredevil Stories
"For about nine months my fiancé nagged me to go for a routine check-up. She had no clue that she actually saved my life."
28 January 2015 | Marius van der Bank
Daredevil Stories
“Nothing is impossible, and there is life after losing a gonad ...
I'll get it back in Heaven!”
October 30, 2014 | Dean