Welcome, DAREdevils!

With five runs behind us, tens of thousands of men around the world now running/walking/strolling/jogging in red Speedos and with millions raised for cancer charities, we remain passionate about giving cancer the middle finger. Thank you to all the men who continue to don their Speedos throughout the year and the women who support us, no matter our shape or size!

Our main sponsor Etana was bought by Hollard Insurance at the end of 2013. Hollard are very keen to continue sponsoring this amazing event, and will keep us posted on all run details. If you’d like to chat with them about getting involved, email their head of sponsorship Caryn Cikes at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

And to make sure we don’t lose out on our annual Speedo fix, we may have a surprise for you on 7 November. Details to follow…

Carel, Kurt and the DAREdevilrun team.

Share your inspiring stories with us!

Calling all DAREdevils!

We’re looking for inspirational stories to share with the world – be it your personal accounts of fighting cancer and coming out on top, or memorable moments you’ve experienced taking part in our daring Speedo run.

So far we’ve had a couple of great submissions from DAREdevils, so please take the time to share yours with us! Check them out here.

The support shown by so many people across the country has been incREDible, and we can’t wait for next year’s run!

Submit your stories here.

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