Show your man-bits some love this Valentine’s Day

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Romantic love is the one love that seems to be celebrated above the rest, today is proof of that, but what if we celebrated our love for each other by being superheroes.

Superheroes save lives, right? Well, a group of men run in nothing but purple Speedos and takkies in peak hour traffic every March to saves lives are our kind of superheroes.

The Hollard Daredevil Run, which will take place for the tenth time this year, is among the greatest love expressions. The run aims to bring awareness to male cancers, particularly prostate and testicular cancer, through the use of collective power to inspire positive change, and the change we seek is early detection.

Men have a 98% chance to survive a prostate cancer diagnosis when detected early, and a 30% survival rate when caught late. Statistics reveal that black men are more prone to prostate cancer, with one in four black men at risk of developing prostate cancer, while only one in eight white men stands a chance of being diagnosed with this particular cancer. However, white men are more prone to testicular cancer, one in 250 white males in comparison to one in 1 700 black males will likely develop testicular cancer.

Cancer never affects just the person who has a diagnosis. Fathers, mothers, wives, partners, children, siblings, friends and loved ones hold their breath following such a diagnosis.

The fear is losing someone you love. Wishing they had tested earlier. Hoping that the cancer hasn’t spread too far. This is why we, as a society and as families need to break down the walls around health conversations, especially male health conversations. Let this be our gift of love, a declaration that in our households, we will talk balls, PSA tests and routine health check-ups because the home is filled with people who love each other. Let our love transcend taboo topics, as these conversations can keep those we love with us for longer.

What if men showed their men-bits some love? If you are over the age of 40 go for the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test as a love expression to yourself. If you are 15 years old and above, make checking your testicles for lumps a part of your bathroom routine because early detection does save lives.

The 2020 Daredevil Run will take place at 3 pm at Zoolake on March 13. All proceeds from the run go towards early detection efforts throughout South Africa, and more especially in remote and far off places that are underserviced.

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