CANSA MANVan sponsored by HOLLARD

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Progress report for the period March 2016 – December 2016

CANSA MANVan sponsored by HOLLARD 

Progress report for the period March 2016 – December 2016

Compiled by: Gerda Strauss

16 January 2017


The Philosophy behind this project as a 1st of its kind in South Africa


CANSA/Hollard’s strategy is to address men’s health needs through mobile services using a specially designed MANVan – a mobile service, – offering health checks and one-to-one cancer awareness sessions as well as care and support outreach programmes to prostate and testicular cancer patients. This programmes is supported and funded by proceeds from the Hollard Dare Devil Run


Progress on the outcome of this programme


As part of the launch of this programme a CANSA Mobile health clinic was branded and covered in the vibrant HOLLARD purple and displayed at the event in Johannesburg February 2016.               The look and feel of this clinic is fresh new and funky and immediately created an upbeat look and feel to the programme. The programme started in Gauteng in March to July from where the MANVan moved to KwaZulu-Natal for a period of three months and arrived in Cape Town in October.

The offerings available on board the MANVan include:

  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) fingerpick tests for males older then 40
  • Health awareness sessions offering advice on improving health and providing information on the early signs and symptoms of various cancers.
  • Patient support and navigation through trained volunteers
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar level
  • BMI and a body composition analysis
  • Skin scanner analysis – Fotofinder skin screening


On board the MANVan are nursing staff and/or trained volunteers. The MANVan is a compact unit which can access local venues and bring tailored support right to the heart of the community targeting various settings like farmers, sport events, workplaces, wellness events and retirement villages – anywhere where men young and old, live work and play.


In Gauteng this programme form part off the wellness outreach programmes to corporates and businesses and covered the following areas


Central Johannesburg

East rand

West rand



A total of 2,581 men were reached and screened.


In KZN the programme moved into more rural and previously under services areas like



Reservoir Hills


Amajuba and northern KZB





New Castle Protection Services



South Coast

St Michaels


Majuba college


A total of 1305 screening were done


The MANVan is currently in Cape Metro and already visited areas like



Atlantis ( Rotary Club)

Mitchells Plain

Eerste rivier


  • Pick a Pay
  • Shoprite

The mobile broke during  down and was in for repairs during November slowing down on the results however, a total of 340 screening were done during October and November .

The schedule for December and January is to visit the following areas


Mitchell’s Plain

Eerste River




The MANVan is very popular under men and was welcomed in all these abovementioned areas in Gauteng KZN and Cape Town with great enthusiasm and interest

A grand total of 4226 screenings were done.

101 Abnormalities detected,

91 men were referred and

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