The entry fee is just R150 for adults and a donation of either R50, R100 or R150 for under 18’s which includes a free finger-prick PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) cancer screening test for participants over the age of 40. If you need a speedo these cost R20.

Please note there is a small admin fee attached to all methods of payment. R10 is added to cover the banking  and ticketing charges. We hope you don’t mind but the bonus is that your entire entry fee will be put in the pot to be donated to our beneficiaries.  80% of the total donations collected are given to  the Cancer Association of South Africa for PSA screening, cancer awareness and counselling initiatives in underprivileged communities. 20% is donated to The Prostate Cancer Foundation  for cancer research and awareness programmes.

Of course, if you already have a purple Daredevil speedo and it’s in good shape, you won’t need a new one. We encourage you to use the speedo you have – you only need to use it once a year!