Check yourself, get in touch with your gonads.

Doing a testicular exam is quick and easy. Ideally, you should do it once a day as follows:

  1. Cup one testicle at a time using both hands (it’s best to do this after a shower or bath).
  2. Examine it by rolling your testicle between your thumb and fingers, using slight pressure.
  3. Familiarise yourself with the spermatic cord and epididymis – these are the tube-like structures that connect on the backside of each testicle.
  4. Feel for lumps, change in size or other irregularities. If you notice any, head to your healthcare professional immediately.

Besides regular self-examinations, you should schedule an annual check-up for prostate cancer if you are over the age of 40.

Early detection can save your life – why wouldn’t you do it?