The lifetime risk of South African men contracting prostate cancer is 1 in 18.
For penile cancer it’s 1:1114.
And for testicular cancer it’s 1:2084.

We’re not sharing these stats to scare you. We’re sharing them because we want you to know the facts. Because the sooner you know what’s really going on with your crown jewels, the sooner you can ensure a long, healthy and happy life for yourself.

Hollard is proud to work with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), an organisation that’s leading the fight against cancer in this country. CANSA’s mission is to ensure that South African men have access to valuable and potentially life- saving information and prostate screening tests – especially in more disadvantaged areas.

80% of the proceeds from Daredevil Run entry fees in 2018 will be go straight to CANSA funding our joint Hollard ManVan initiative, which provides free health checks, PSA screening and disease information to communities who do not have easy access to this type of resource.  The remaining 20% is donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

Want to know more about where you can get screened, read male specific cancer symptoms or find out more? Visit the CANSA website.