Dare your mates and win!

It takes balls to run through peak-hour traffic kitted in nothing but a Speedo. But since you’re here, we can only assume that you’ve got what it takes to join the DAREdevil cause and help us raise awareness around cancers affecting men.

And we’re sure you know someone with enough courage to join you! We encourage everyone - from small businesses and big corporates, to sports clubs and churches - to invite your mates, family members and colleagues to take part in the run. Once you’ve registered on the Quicket website (see instructions below), get others to climb out of their comfort zone and into a bright RED Speedo by sending them your unique registration link. Whoever gets the most people to join through their link will win a cool R10 000!

We also have a second prize of a R2 000 bar tab for you and your mates and family to enjoy after the run.

Simply follow these instructions and join the DAREdevil fever.

1: Click on the button below. You’ll be directed to the Quicket website.

2: Follow the prompts and enter your details for the race.

3: Once you’ve paid the R100 entrance fee and have submitted your details, you will be sent a unique registration link.

4: You can then share this link with friends, family or colleagues and dare them to enter the race. They can then click the link and enter through Quicket. Don’t forget to post on Facebook and Twitter!

5: The more people you get to enter, the greater your chances of winning R10 000 in our 2013 DAREdevil competition! We’ll keep tabs on how many people enter through your unique link. Keep an eye out for more details.


Entry for the 2013 DAREdevil Run is R100, which includes a shiny new red Speedo. More importantly, ALL of the entry fees will go towards cancer charities. You can also join us for refreshments after the race.

Don’t have the balls to run - figuratively or literally? Please feel free to register as a supporter through Quicket by purchasing the ‘supporter’ ticket or make a donation to this worthy cause by clicking the links below. It would be hugely appreciated! Then join us on the day to cheer on the brave runners as they dash through the streets in only a Speedo!



As a runner or sponsor


Participation in the Etana DAREdevil Run is entirely at the Participant’s own risk. By participating in this event, the Participant accepts and acknowledges that Etana Insurance Company Ltd and its employees, directors, officers, shareholders, organisers and voluntary workers shall not be held responsible or liable for any injury, loss or harm resulting from the Participant taking part in the event and the Participant’s personal possessions are his/her own responsibility.