Welcome, DAREdevils!

Well done and thanks to everyone who participated in the 2013 DAREdevil Run, the best run yet!! Thousands of men now have an increased awareness of cancers that affect them, PLUS we raised more than half a million bucks for cancer charities.

Check out the Etana Insurance blog for stories about the events in various parts of South Africa, and visit the gallery page for pics.

Hope to see you all again next year!

Register now to participate!

It takes balls to run through peak-hour traffic kitted in nothing but a Speedo. But since you’re here, we can only assume that you’ve got what it takes to join the 2013 DAREdevil Run! Follow the link for further instructions…

Early detection saves lives!

“The most effective weapon against cancer is knowledge. If you consider that one-in-four individuals may be affected by the disease during their lifetime, you will realise how powerful knowledge is in terms of risk reduction, prevention and early detection…” Read more on Cansa’s website.


Don’t have the balls to run - figuratively or literally? Please feel free to make a donation to this worthy cause and help us create awareness around male cancer and early detection. ALL money raised goes to cancer charities.


Even if you can’t take part in the run, your support would be greatly appreciated leading up to the event and on the day itself. Tell your mates to register. Ladies, come through and support your men. We can all become DAREdevil Ambassadors!

Share your inspiring stories with us!

Calling all DAREdevils!

We’re looking for inspirational stories to share with the world – be it your personal accounts of fighting cancer and coming out on top, or memorable moments you’ve experienced taking part in our daring Speedo run.

So far we’ve had a couple of great submissions from DAREdevils, so please take the time to share yours with us! Check them out here.

The support shown by so many people across the country has been incREDible, and we can’t wait for next year’s run!

Submit your stories here.

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