How do I sign up for the run?

Enter online, fill in your details, and pay.

When is it?

24 March 2017.

Where does the run take place?

Joburg, Cape Town, Durban. Satellite runs taking place. Other venues TBC.

How far is it?

The route is a 5km circuit. We keep it short enough for non-runners, but long enough for seasoned runners to break a sweat.

Can I enter on the day?

If our runs are not fully subscribed, then yes, we will be taking entries on the day. However, entries are limited so we suggest you don’t delay and enter right away.

Can women run?

The Daredevil Run is a special event for our boys and men only. However, we value all the women in our Daredevils’ lives and invite them to join us on the day as supporters. The more the merrier!

Do I have to run in a Speedo or can I run in something else?

We know, we know…it takes courage to strip off and run in public in a Speedo – but that’s the whole idea. So, as a Daredevil you’ll need to wear the purple Speedo you’re given with your entry. Don’t worry if you don’t look like Mr South Africa – we have men and boys of all ages, shapes and sizes participating. Whether you’re a serious triathlete or haven’t seen your abs in years, join the army of Daredevil runners and help run cancer outta town!

How much is it to enter?

Adults = R150.

Under 18’s = a donation of either R50, R100 or R150.

Speedo Cost = R20

Of course, if you already have a 2016 Daredevil speedo and it’s in good shape, you won’t need a new one. We encourage you to use the speedo you have – you only need to use it once a year!

There is also a R10.00 administration fee to cover bank charges. Please add to your EFT payments too. This is to ensure that every penny you donate is given to CANSA!

How can I enter for my company?

Follow the normal entry process from the home page by clicking the Enter Now button.

Where does my entry fee go?

The total entry fee will be donated directly to CANSA to help fund their community testing and awareness programmes for male-related cancers.

Where do donations go?

All donations go directly to CANSA to help fund their community testing and awareness programmes for male-related cancers. Look out for updates on our Hollard MANVAN projects!

If I’m a spectator, where should I go?

Check out our route maps to see the best place to spot and cheer on your favourite Daredevil Runner.

How can I get tested for prostate cancer?

Testing for prostate cancer involves a simple finger prick to draw a drop of blood that is then tested for the levels of the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). High PSA levels may indicate inflammation of the prostate or cancer.

If you’re a male who’s over 40, you should be tested for prostate cancer once a year. The good news is that if you participate in the Daredevil Run, we’ll test you for free!

How do I test myself for testicular cancer?

  • Examine your testicles after taking a warm bath or shower
  • Stand in front of a mirror and look for any signs of swelling
  • Support your testicles with one hand and feel each one with your other hand
  • Roll the testicles between the thumb & fingers, feeling for any lumps – it’s normal to feel a soft chord-like structure on the top and back of each testicle (lumps can be as-small-as a grain of rice and are usually quite firm)

Who is Hollard?

Established in 1980, The Hollard Insurance Group is South Africa’s largest privately owned insurance group. To us, business is about so much more than just business though – it’s also about inclusive, sustainable growth. This is reflected in our social aim, which ensures that every business decision we take balances our financial objectives with a positive contribution to the individuals, communities and environments we affect.