Never take life for granted, enjoy it to the fullest


I’m a cancer survivor and I’ve been in remission for 15 years. I’m here today to show support to all the other guys affected. The cancer experience made me more mature, it made me realise what life is all about. Never take life for granted, enjoy it to the fullest. And be compassionate towards other people because you don’t know what they are going through in their lives. – Riaan Van Wyk.

Prostate cancer is hereditary


It’s very personal for me because last year my grandfather passed away from prostate cancer. Before that I was not even aware of its existence. Prostate cancer is hereditary so I would have to go for regular check-ups after the age of 35. I took a day of leave from work to come and show my support for those affected by male cancers. – Karabo Harry, 29, Transactor

My grandfather passed away from cancer


My grandfather passed away from cancer and that is why I am here right now. Many African men avoid going to doctors and avoid finding out about these things until it is too late. I’d rather get involved now. – Tshepo Mathatho, 32, Asset Manager.

Early detection saved my life

For about nine months my fiancé nagged me to go for a routine check-up. “Why don’t you men take responsibility for your own health and go for regular check-ups? We woman go to see the doctor at least once a year.” She had no clue that she actually saved my life.

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