Early detection saved my life


For about nine months, my fiancé nagged me to go for a routine check-up.

“Why don’t you men take responsibility for your own health and go for regular check-ups? We woman go to see the doctor at least once a year.”

She had no clue that she actually saved my life. Finally, I went for a routine check-up two weeks before our wedding.

A few hours later I had to explain to a very emotional wife to be, just as my doctor did: “ Honey, uhm.. I have a slight case of cancer. But don’t worry, I just need you to drop me off at the hospital tomorrow morning to have one of my balls removed then we are back on track for the wedding. Luckily I have a spare one for just such a situation, since we were planning to have a baby after the wedding.

“By the way, if you want an out and want to cancel the whole wedding thing, I would not blame you.”

Needless to say, nobody reacts well to hearing the word cancer but she, Marianne, was by my side through the whole journey.

The operation was successful, the wedding was magical and the honeymoon was just what the doctor ordered for a swift recovery. Fast-forward a few years, I am in remission and our son Daniel will be turning three this year (YES, the spare worked well!). I am appreciating every sunset and sunrise as if it may be the last one that I will ever see.

This goes to show that early detection does save LIVES. You just need the BALLS to go for an annual check-up.

Tip: Put this check-up in your calendars right now and schedule it for the same time every year – the month in which you have your birthday, that way you can never forget it.

With respect for the great work that you guys are doing for mens’ health: especially in the disadvantaged communities where they do not always have access to good medical care or even talk openly about such things as a man’s balls.

Kind regards.

Marius van der Bank